The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson who began by reading from Psalm 95 and 103.
Hymn 1 – Crown Him with Many Crowns
Hymn 2 – Men of Faith

*Beryl Browne of our London congregation, died on February 23rd. Please pray for her family.
*Ronald Hulme died last December. Ron and his late wife Shirley attended our church for many years. His funeral took place on March 2nd.
*Diana Marx died on March 1st aged 76. Please pray for her husband Gerhard. Her funeral will be private.
*Daphne Sydney is now our new Regional Director for Australasia.
8James Henderson writes about the Coronavirus. The most important thing seems to be to wash our hands. It will be decided by our individual church Pastors or our National leaders if we are advised not to hold church services. This could be a time to let our Christianity shine by praying for, encouraging and helping others.

Hymn 3 – How Good and How Pleasant

Intercessory Prayer was led by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Our great Creator, this is a wonderful time of year. Blossom and flowers are out and we look forward to the sunshine. You promised there will always be seed time and harvest.
*Thank you that we can meet here in peace and safety. Many of our brethren around the world can’t as it is too difficult for them. We know you have a plan for everyone and we can look foward to a glorious future ahead.
*The world is in dire straights. Volcanoes, floods, fires and now a virus. Please comfort and help all those who have lost loved ones. Many need to rebuild their homes, communities and their lives.
*The Coronavirus is impacting on our lives and the Economy. The elderly are most at risk and those with a health problem. Please help those who are unwell and let us all use common sense and not panic. Please give wisdom to all leaders to find the best way to deal with this.
*Please heal David Plumley who has both kidney problems and cancer.
*Debbie Thomas is also in a long battle with cancer. Please comfort her and help their families to cope.
*Phillip Halford has difficult health problems. Please help him to be well and back with us soon. We miss him.
*We pray for Jill Newman who is recovering from a broken hip. It is confusing for her as she has dementia. She needs to eat more and we don’t want her to suffer. Please let your will be done in her life.
*Irene Tibbenem is now facing heart surgery and her family face tests. Please help them all at this stressful time.
*We give you thanks that Irene Wilson’s test result was clear.
*Many people suffer from depression especially the young. Please let them see that there is more to life.
*Please help and comfort all who grieve for Beryl, Ron and Diana.
Gerhard and Diana were married for more than 50 years.
*We pray for the jobless and homeless. It is so hard for them when they have so little money to spend and others have so much. Please help them to be supported and improve their lives.
*You hear and answer our prayers in your wisdom. We look forward to Jesus returning and a future when there will be on more tears, only joy. We can rely on you.

Hymn 4 – Every Promise
Hymn 5 – In Him I have Believed

The Message was given by George Henderson. We read in Mark 10:32-45 how Jesus was walking with his disciples and others along the road to Jerusalem. His followers were both amazed and afraid so he took the twelve aside and began to tell them the things that would happen to him. Jesus predicted his death for the third time. Another time was when he rebuked Peter and put him in his place. Read Mark 8:31-33. They may have also heard this at the Transfigeration. Mark 9:1-8. The disciples did not understand. Jesus called himself the Son of Man. Mark 10:33. Daniel also had a vision of the Son of Man. Daniel 7:13-14. Then James and John came to Jesus and asked him to do whatever they asked of him. They wanted to sit either side of him in his glory. Jesus asked them  would they  be able go through what he is soon to do. Places have been prepared but it is not Jesus who decides. The other ten disciples were displeased. Mark 10:35-44. Jesus told them that the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life
a ransom for many. Verse 45. 1 Peter 3:18. They had reached Jericho where there was a man begging called Blind Bartimaeus. When this man heard it was Jesus passing by, he cried out to him to have mercy on him. The crowd told him to be quiet but Jesus commanded him to be called and come near. Bartimaeus threw aside his garment and went to Jesus. When asked by Jesus what he would like him to do for him. He replied that he would like to receive his sight. Jesus told him that his faith had made him well. Immediately the man received his sight and followed Jesus along the road. Mark 10:46-52. When we were first called, did we encounter obstacles along the way? Jesus knew the situation of Bartimaeus as he does ours. He left his old way of life behind. Is this like us? The man was healed physically and spiritually and it changed his future. We also began a new way of life and future following Jesus.

The Final Hymn was Shine Jesus Shine after which the Closing Prayer was given by Joy Barlow.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church Hall.

A Prayer Meeting was held after the service.


The Bi-Weekly Bricket Wood Bible Study was held on Friday night 6th March at 7:30pm as usual in the upstairs room of the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre. We continued in the book of 1 Peter and enjoyed refreshments following the study. You are welcome to join us anytime.

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