Each autumn a number of our congregation go away to a week-long retreat or Autumn Harvest Festival, which had to be cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, we had a wonderful Virtual Celebration Week 3-11 October 2020, with a full schedule similar to that we would have enjoyed at Paignton or Bridlington. There was no charge for this Celebration or any of its events or activities and it was open to everyone.

Each morning there was a Prayer Meeting over Zoom between 9:45-10:15am.

This was followed by a live-streamed Sermon on youtube like we have been enjoying each Saturday and Sunday since the lockdown in March.

Each afternoon there were events available from Fellowship Zoom Rooms, Adventure Club Zoom, Seminars and even Life Club Zoomed to us. The evenings held a Zoom Quiz Night, Praise & Worship Evening on Zoom, an SEP Zoom Presentation, a Day by Day Zoom Presentation, Bible Study, Zoom Talent Show and Fellowship Zoom Rooms!

This Virtual Celebration Week was a wonderful way of bringing together friends in a new way. We may not be able to gather physically, but we give God thanks for the many media and technology that is available to us in this present crisis. We are on a steep learning curve, so there were glitches but it was a great way to celebrate together. Several hundred people benefited and were renewed, inspired, and re-energized to share the Gospel in even more ways than before.

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