How can we at GCI / SEP help you?

2020 was a tough year. Many events, including SEP, were cancelled and we recognise our youth have been deeply impacted in many ways by COVID-19. We know that one of the things that helps us through challenging times is getting together with friends and being able to share life experiences.
We recognise that this past year has created fewer opportunities to meet others and to build and maintain relationships. It has also impacted progress on finding work and developing future careers.

What we would like to do for you:
•Create leadership training and opportunities to develop as an individual or part of a team which you can put on your CV. This will give you that all important edge when looking for work.
•Develop events throughout the year in addition to SEP, allowing you to build relationships and create stronger support networks.

How do we propose to do this?
We are looking to set up a leadership team of 17- 29-year-olds (if you fall outwith that age bracket but are still interested, do get in touch) who will actively create and help run activities of your choosing; be part of a leadership team for SEP; and consider such things as mission and charity work. If you want to be part of the new leadership team where you will be supported in making a difference in the lives of others and yourselves then please send a note of interest to Jackie Mill at and include some thoughts on why you would like to be involved and how you believe you can help.

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