THIS THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK IS PROVIDED EACH WEEK BY GRACE COMMUNION INTERNATIONAL IN THE UK. The Thought this week is This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bible-Glasses-1024x498.jpgprovided by Anthony Dady


I am writing this Thought for the Week from SEP, GCI’s youth summer camp in south Wales.

Although there are many exciting things happening here, what stands out most for me is the atmosphere of love, as people look out for one another and try to help where they can. Several staff members at the activity centre have commented on how much they enjoy having us here, and they have asked me about GCI and Christianity in general.

The Bible tells us that we are ambassadors for Jesus’ kingdom. This means that how we live helps people understand Jesus and what he stands for. What is happening here at SEP can become our goal for our homes and communities — we all desire that everyone we come into contact with might learn about Jesus through our words and actions. Our King, Jesus, gives us the opportunities and the words and we, as his willing ambassadors, allow the King to do his loving work through us. That’s what I’m experiencing here at SEP, and I hope everyone reading this also gets to enjoy, and pass on, this wonderful love wherever you are.

Your fellow ambassador,

About the Writer:
Anthony Dady is a minister in Grace Communion International and is the Regional Pastor for Wales, the Midlands, and Northern England.

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