The Watford Congregation meets every Saturday morning at 11am and during the Sermon time there is a biblical Youth Lesson for any young people. The Youth workers are DBS checked and have a heart for children. Our youth group is very small but enthusiastic and any children are very welcome to meet with them.

The lessons below were produced by Youth Leader, Geoff Sole, and are still available to download:

During the coronavirus crisis and lockdown we are not physically able to meet for Services, so we are providing ‘Virtual Services’ for the Youth as well as the adults.
Above is the first installment of our ‘Adventure Club’ lesson to use at home.
Children’s/Young People’s Church is held most weeks in the Watford Congregation, during the Sermon.  The children participate in the worship hymns at the beginning.  During the hymn just preceeding the Sermon, they go into the committee Room or the Church Hall for their lesson. We look to provide a welcoming, fun and safe learning environment for any child, any age. 
We endeavor for lessons to be unique, surprising and enjoyable. As the proverb states, we feel children learn best when the lessons are hands on. At Christmas the children put on a production of some kind.  One year they produced a large sequence of the story of Jesus’ birth, using their own photos in the faces of the characters to help them identify with the people in the account. When a topic is finished, we might share our results with the congregation giving the children a feeling of belonging and pride. As a result the congregation is interested to know and see what the children have been learning. All the members enjoy seeing and hearing from the children and feel as though the children are valued members of the church community.

The children are the church’s future and the best way to have them in our future is to include them now. When Jesus’ disciples tried to shoo the children away, “Jesus was irate and let them know it”. He told them “don’t push these children away; don’t ever get between them and me. These children are at the very centre of life in the kingdom. Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child you will never get in.” (The Message Bible)

The message we teach is simply the message of God’s love. In aiming to promote a safe learning environment, we start by appreciating each child’s uniqueness and build on that. The children encourage us to continue by their enthusiasm for our lessons.

Whilst we do not have a large number of children attending at present, to us numbers are irrelevant, as a lesson for one child only would be no less important.

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like further details.

Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I may remember some of it.
Involve me and I’ll remember it forever.
-Chinese Proverb

Note:  The Leaders/Teachers at Children’s/Young Adults Church are all CRB checked and standard Child Protection Policies are in place.

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